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Infratech Heater Installation Q & A

What is your Question About?

Yes, all Infratech heaters come with the necessary mounting brackets. We also have Infratech Heater Extension Brackets and Drop Pole Mounts for purchase, when needed.

It is highly recommended to use a licensed electrician to install Infratech Heaters.

While flush mount installation helps to hide the heaters, much like recessed can lighting, they do incur additional installation costs due to the fact that you must build out a fire-rated drywall pocket in the ceiling to house the heater. As well, you will need an additional accessory of a flush mount frame for each heater, to assist with ventilation. If your ceiling is still unfinished, it's a good time to consider a flush mount installation for a seamless an unobtrusive install. Surface mount, on the other hand, is less expensive and easier to install.