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Motif Contemporary Fascias

Introducing the Infratech Motif Contemporary Collection - modern, sleek and sure to add a touch of sophistication to your home. This stunning fascia is inspired by minimalist, modern and mid-century design traditions to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space. And with its clean lines and iconic forms, it serves as a visual masterpiece that you'll love showing off to all who enter. Incredibly versatile, this contemporary decorative fascia fits heater bodies ranging between 39 inches to 61.25 inches in size. It also comes in two standard shades – classic black or sleek silver – allowing you the freedom to choose whichever style best complements your existing décor. But perhaps what sets Infratech's Contemporary Fascia apart is its one-piece construction that snaps seamlessly onto your heater body for easy assembly. That means no hassle, no fuss – just effortlessly elevate any room with subtle yet impactful design elements. The Motif Contemporary Collection fascias can be affixed to wall or ceiling mounted C-Series and CD-Series heaters.



Motif Contemporary Collection Details:

The new face of comfort.

Infratech has long been recognized by leading architects, designers and builders for providing the widest range of aesthetic choices in the industry — from heater profiles to mounting and color variations. Infratech is pleased to offer their most designer-friendly offering yet: the Motif collection of stylish, laser-cut decorative fascias that can be added to wall or ceiling mounted C-Series and CD-Series heaters.

  • One-piece construction snaps seamlessly onto the heater body.
  • Two standard colors with unlimited custom color options.
  • Fits heater sizes from 39 " to 63.5"
  • The Motif Collection cannot be used in recessed applications and is not compatible with Infratech's Flush Mount Frames.

Infratech's Motif Contemporary Collection is an easy upgrade for any new or previously installed wall or ceiling mounted C-Series or CD-Series Infratech heaters.

Infratech's Motif Collection is the designer's choice. Infrateach Motif decorative fascias are being specified by leading architects to enhance the architectural style of their builds.