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SL40 - Single Element 4000 Watt

Introducing the SL40 Single Element 4000 Watt infrared electric heater collection! With a length of 63.5" and a powerful 4000 watts of heat output, they can quickly warm up large areas or provide targeted heating as needed. One of the best things about these heaters is their versatility - choose from on off switches or custom controls - you can easily control their temperature settings to suit your exact needs. Plus, with an impressive coverage area of 10' x 10' and a higher mounting height range than the other SL-Series models at 8-10 feet, they're ideal for wall or ceiling installations. The SL40 Single Element infrared electric heater also comes in two great finishes: stainless hue anodized aluminum finish or all-black shadow finish. If you want to find out which SL-Series heater is best suited for your desired mounting height and coverage requirements, simply click here.