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Join our Connected Buyer Group for More Savings Today. Click Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose an Infratech Heater

The aesthetics of the Infratech Heaters are a personal preference, however each model and wattage is designed for a specific purpose. Check these questions and answers to determine the best heater model, size and number of heaters to install in your space. LEARN MORE

Infratech Heater Installation Questions

Surface Mount? Flush Mount? Pole Mount, Drop Pole Mount? There may be a lot of ways to install, but one method of installation is best for each patio. These questions and answers will help you determine what you need. LEARN MORE

Infratech Heater Specific Questions

Each Infratech heater model has a purpose and is ideal for specific size spaces, mounting heights and mounting types. See these questions and answers to learn more about the heater model you are considering. LEARN MORE

Infratech Heater Control Questions

Value Controls or Custom Controls? What does each type of control cost and what is best for your installation? Check these questions and answers to gain further insights as to what is best for the control of your Infratech Heaters. LEARN MORE

Infratech Technical Electrical Questions

What is Wattage, Voltage and Amperage? Do I have enough room on my panel for the number and size of heaters I really want? These questions are asked and answered in this section. LEARN MORE

Infratech Warranty

All lnfratech Heaters and Accessories come with a 3-Year Warranty. extends this warranty by an additional 1-Year. LEARN MORE