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Infratech Heater Controls Q & A

What is your Question About?

All Infratech heaters will need a separate control switch to operate. Value control switches or Custom Control Panels can be purchased, depending on your needs.

Infratech does not offer a hand held remote control, however, with the purchase of a Universal Control Panel or a Home Management System, remote control via smart devices or hands-free voice commands can be achieved.

The Infratech Contactor Panel with Timer is a control panel that will provide a timer to your simple on/off or duplex stack switch controls. We recommend this addition when purchasing one or two heaters when the user needs to have a timer only, but does not need the full heat intensity control that comes with the Universal Control Panel.

WATCH VIDEO ANSWER- The Duplex Stack Switch is the most common control for one to two Infratech Dual Element Heaters. These switches allow you to turn one element on at a time, resulting in either a low or high setting. Additionally, theDuplex Stack Switchfor a either a one or two heater installation come in at less than $200.

Infratech solid-state controls give you the most efficient and versatile form of control for your heaters. While other lower cost controls are available, if your space calls for larger heaters or multiple heaters, solid-state controls quickly become your best choice for a quality installation. Contact us and let our qualified staff help you configure the best heaters and controls for your project.

Yes. It’s one of many innovative control options at your fingertips when you choose Infratech heaters like our Home Management System or Universal Control Package. Our Universal Control can be installed with a 120VAC lighting interface to coordinate with your décor. Infratech’s Home Management control option is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular smart home systems (requires a 0-10V DC signal input).

The Infratech Duplex Stack switches are wired from each element to each individual rocker switch, so they are only drawing 12.5 amps to each rocker switch. Each rocker is rated at 20 amps (a stack switch has two 20amp rockers)

WATCH VIDEO ANSWER- Yes, it is recommended that Infratech Heaters should be left on for periods of up to four hours and then should be turned off and cooled down for fifteen minutes. By doing so, you will extend the life of your heating element, however, the heater will not overheat if left on.