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Join our Connected Buyer Group for More Savings Today. Click Here!

Infratech Patio Heater Duplex Stack Switches

Infratech Duplex Stack Switches are an innovative solution for those looking for user-friendly operation of their dual element heaters - CD and WD series. These switches offer the ability to turn each element on and off independently. Whether you're using Infratech's dual element heater for commercial or residential purposes, these switches can be easily used to suit your needs. With a range of 120-277 VAC and a maximum load capacity of 20 amps per switch. They also come in both in-wall and surface mount options, making them incredibly versatile no matter how you choose to install them. To ensure durability in outdoor settings, consider selecting switches with weatherproof covers. Whether you're looking to heat a small patio or a large outdoor space, Infratech has got you covered with their range of configurable options!