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Motif Mediterranean Fascias

Introducing the Infratech Fascia Motif Mediterranean Collection - the latest addition to the designer-friendly offerings. The collection features laser-cut decorative fascias that can be effortlessly added to wall or ceiling mounted C-Series and CD-Series heaters, making it a hassle-free upgrade for any new or previously installed heaters. This collection brings together fashionable, classic designs that delicately accentuate Spanish-style, Tuscan, French Country or Southwestern properties. Featuring intricate Moorish circular flourishes adorned on all sides and a beautiful stainless steel construction from 39" - 61.25'' in size, this fascia is an attractive visual impact. The Motif collection has been favored by renowned architects to elevate the architectural style of their builds. You can opt for the Infratech Marine UpGrade 316 stainless steel to extend the lifespan of your Motif Collection decorative fascia.