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SL30 - Single Element 3000 Watt

Welcome to the SL30 - Single Element 3000 Watt collection, an ultra-efficient infrared electric patio heater perfect for any indoor or outdoor installation. This powerful and elegant accessory is all you'll need to combat cold days in style! With a slim and sleek stainless hue anodized aluminum finish, its 63.5" length covers rooms up to 8'x8', and can be installed at any height between 7'-9'. Place it on your wall or ceiling depending on your space needs - this heater easily adjusts to fit them all! For increased convenience and control, features a handy on/off switch, input regulator and even custom controls so you can choose the perfect temperature in your room. To find the appropriate SL-Series heater for your particular mounting height and coverage needs, click here.

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