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Infratech Patio Heater Universal Control Panels

Introducing the Infratech Universal Control Panels. Now you can combine the versatility of hands-free voice activation with the ability to choose the dimmer interface that coordinates with your property’s décor. Infratech’s exclusive Universal Control Panel offers convenient control for a residential or commercial property.  Install and control your Infratech heaters using the 120V Universal Slide Dimmer and Timer included with the control package, or choose any 120V lighting dimmer of your choice, to coordinate with your home's decor.  Remotely control your heating system from a smartphone or tablet via a WiFi/Bluetooth compatible device that can be purchased to gain this function.  Use the Universal Control with apps compatible with Alexa, Siri or the Google Home Assistant and smart home assistants like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod or Google Home Smart Speaker.  If you don't have a Home Management System installed in your home, but you want total control of your heaters, the Universal Control Panels are the way to go.

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