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Infratech Motif Fascias for Dual Element 39 Inch Heaters - Stainless Steel Motif Collection

Welcome to the Infratech Motif Fascias Dual Element For 39 Inches Heaters - Stainless Steel Motif Collection! This one-piece, seamless construction is here to transform your heater into a captivating centerpiece that'll leave your guests in awe! Featuring stainless steel fascias available in Traditional, Contemporary, Craftsman, and Mediterranean styles, Infratech guarantees there's a design that resonates with you. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or lounging with friends by the poolside, these decorative facades bring unmatched sophistication to any setting. Upgrade any new or previously installed wall or ceiling mounted Dual Element CD-Series heaters with these Infratech Motif facscias that are highly acclaimed by leading architects worldwide. They've become the go-to choice for true visionaries who demand not just functionality but also architectural excellence.