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Infratech 61 in. Patio Heater Recessed Flush Mount Frames

Introducing the Infratech 61” Flush Mount Frames collection! One of the most significant advantages of these flush mount frames is that they provide excellent ventilation for your heater system. The design allows air to flow freely around your heater, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance. All it requires is being installed into a flat ceiling where the heater can face straight down. Only licensed contractors are required to complete the flush mount installation process, ensuring consistency and quality safety measures every time. Additionally, be sure to avoid flushing too close to a ceiling fan or light fixture, as this could cause some unwanted interference! And remember that while our heaters cannot be flush mounted into pitched or sloped ceilings - the 61" flush mount frames are recommend using W-Series or WD-Series models for ideal results. These frames are also available in Infratech's new 61-inch Flush Mount Frame Marine UpGrade - engineered with marine-grade materials that can withstand harsh elements while maintaining its glamorous look.