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Join our Connected Buyer Group for More Savings Today. Click Here!

Infratech 120V Patio Heater Input Regulators

Introducing our 120V Input Regulators! Our regulators offer unbeatable energy efficiency, allowing you to keep your energy bills low while still enjoying optimal heating power. And with capacities up to 3000 watts, our 120V regulators are compatible with our C-Series, W-Series, and SL-Series models, making it perfect for both residential and commercial installations. But what really sets these regulators apart is their power-cycling functionality - an unbeatable feature at an unbeatable price point. These are your best choices for all Infratech heaters requiring 120V power supply. Whether you're looking for in-wall or surface mount options, with or without weatherproof covers, we've got you covered. Also available in 240V input regulators!