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Join our Connected Buyer Group for More Savings Today. Click Here!

Infratech Replacement Quartz Elements For SL Series

Don't worry about broken quartz elements for your SL-Series heaters anymore because Infratech has you covered with their Replacement Quartz Elements. These elements are the replacement for slimline SL-Series heaters ranging from 1600 to 4000 watt capacities. Choose from different tube lengths fitting for all SL-Series heaters from 29.5" to 63.5" long.  This replacement quartz elements is enclosed in a protective tube that not only keeps it safe from damage but also prevents the release of convection heat. This means that your heater will perform at its best and provide maximum warmth to any space. Imagine being surrounded by warmth no matter how chilly it gets outside! If you are not sure which replacement quartz elements is compatible with your existing heater, feel free to contact us at 800-697-7404 or click here for inquiries.